Our Mission

Our goal at Decker’s LH Grill is to be the hub of our community. This is where neighbors meet for coffee regularly, families gather for dinner, couples get away for a romantic date night, and baseball teams fill-up after the big game! This is where townspeople come together and fill not only their stomachs, but more importantly their souls!


My husband, Joe Decker, was born and raised here and when we decided to start a family, there was no question it would be here in Lake Helen. The love and pride he has for this town is second to none and that has definitely rubbed off on me! Other than this town, we both have two passions: Restaurants and Youth.

My entire adult life has been in the restaurant business in one way or another. The goal of Decker's LH Grill is to take that experience and translate it to a fun family atmosphere with quality meals that creates regular guests for years to come.

Giving Back

1% of total sales goes back to the children of Lake Helen for community projects.

The most important thing my husband and I share is our children. We are the proud parents of two boys and have devoted our spare time volunteering in various capacities to the youth of Lake Helen. Because of the sincere value we place on this future, providing an enriching environment for them is our highest priority.

We work closely with schools to create kids programs including arts and crafts workshops, talent shows, movie night, poetry slam contests, and a work program with local high schools that gives teens credit for working in a restaurant and learning the business.

We also run quarterly promotions based on the season such as senior night, themed kids night, senior night, movie night, local bands, football promos, happy hour, game contests, and teen night.

Families are very busy these days and sometimes we don’t even realize that our children get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. We want to be the place they feel like they matter, make a difference, and contribute to the world in a great way.

Our passion for this town, our neighborhood, and the youth within it is undeniable!

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